Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fuck You

  I, like many, detested and loathed George Bush. I hated him for his stupidity, his obstinacy, and refusal to admit he was wrong or change direction even in the face of overwhelming evidence. George W. Bush was a man who never let the facts confuse him.
  Then you got in, President Obama, the great black hope who was going to right all the wrongs perpetrated on us by Bush. From all the glowing articles written by a lapdog press, one of whom, Chris Matthews even admitting to getting a "tingle" down his leg when thinking about you, it would appear as if Jesus Christ himself was again walking the earth, bestowing his blessings upon lower mortals. While I was never dancing in the streets over your victory I did have some hopes that you would undo SOME of the damage Bush has done. You have done a little. You undid Bush's moronic ban on stem cell research. But there was so much more to do, and you you haven't done any of it. So without further adieu, Mr. President, fuck you.
  • Fuck You - For not getting us out of Iraq. I believe if Hillery Clinton had been elected instead of you we would have been long gone from there by now.

  • Fuck You - For continuing Bush's bailout with taxpayer money of banks and insurance companies, while not requiring them to have open books so the public could see how they were spending the money. You gave them public money with no demand for public accountability.

  • Fuck You - For giving Americans a so called "national health plan" that is the insurance industries wet dream. With NO public option, it essentially forces individuals to buy their health insurance from private companies or face fines.

  • Fuck You - For filling up Department of Justice positions with RIAA flacs.

  • Fuck You - For extending provisions of the Patriot Act, which many people thought you would at the least sunset, if not get rid of immediately.

  • Fuck You - For giving us the TSA disco ball x-ray, ball grab tittie squeeze porno show.

  • Fuck You - For using ICE to seize internet domain names without even a trial first.

  • Fuck You - For creating the position of IP Czar.
The sad thing is, I can't picture a republican administration doing any better, just about all my criticism here is for Obama not being liberal enough. It's doubtful some neocon successor to Obama would scale back the patriot act or do anything to reign in corporate abuse, or promote internet freedom.

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